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Gua Sha is a traditional healing method in which a smooth stone is used to glide with light pressure on the face,neck and declatage.

Gua Sha is used to encourage the healthy flow of blood and qi

(life force energy)

This is acheived by applying genle even strokes in the direction of lymph, the technique releases fascial and muscular tension. As a result sluggish lymph fluid is moved along, which depuffs and stimulates microcirculation, to promote collegen production, and to tone the face and neck.

A gentle face cleanser is used first.

Then an application of luxury oils, which consists of a combination mixture made up of rose hip, grapeseed, almond and essential oil of lavander.

Followed by a face, neck, declatage and head massage using the fingertips and palms in smooth flowing circular movements. 

Gua Sha tools are then used to sculpt and tone along meridian lines bones and muscles.

A warm towel cleanse.

Aura mist spray with essential oils.

Finally a sound rebalance with a tuning folk.



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